Conveying a Personal Tone Through Writing

One of the reasons I’m pursuing this challenge is to find my own writing voice. But after reading some of my own writing these past few days, I’ve realized that there’s a reason speaking “voice” and writing “voice” need to be distinct. It’s a lesson I should’ve learned after texting my mom and being a little too dry with my sarcasm and receiving an earful for it.

After re-reading some of my posts, I’ve realized that some of my personality, the sarcastic side, is a little too cut and dry. It’s like watching an episode of House if you don’t understand sarcasm – the shock value isn’t amusing as an outsider.

For example, in my post yesterday about Reflecting on a Race, I mention at the end about how all the insightful thoughts I had to offer go out the window when you have a positive race. While that’s not entirely true, the idea is that it’s a little more effective after you have a bad race. The entire point was about how to give yourself constructive criticism. But if you read that blog without knowing who I really am, it might’ve come off like an abrupt and unecessary ending.

So the real trick in writing is displaying your personality in a way that others can understand it, letting people into your thought process – without revealing too much of course. It’s an interesting lesson to take in, and the real challenge is how to apply it? To be completely honest, I’m not sure yet. Hopefully with some feedback and learning about my “delivery”, I’ll figure it out.

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