Hunger is a fickle thing. Sometimes after a run, I won’t be hungry at all, even if I was starving beforehand. More often than not though, I’m always hungry after a run. But when it comes to food, there’s a rational portion of it to have. I mean, you don’t need to track everything, but you can’t starve yourself nor can you binge (at least not every day!). But there’s another kind of hunger.

It’s called many different things: drive, passion, ambition, leadership. Regardless, it’s this “fire in the belly” attitude that makes you get after something and do it. Now, the nutritional “fire in the belly” is metabolism, and it burns through your food pretty quickly. Bear with me on this analogy.

If you eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day, as compared to 3 larger meals, your metabolism is higher. If you only have 2 GIANT meals, your metabolism is actually much lower than if you were to eat 3 meals. If you’re more active than sedentary, your metabolism is higher. And if you eat nothing at all? Your metabolism actually ends up being lower. Barring any fancy diet methods, this holds true.

Now, eating 5 meals a day might actually make you hungrier. Who the hell wants to be hungry, isn’t the point to be full? What kind of analogy is this? The idea is all about the metabolism, the fire in the belly. When you have that higher metabolism, you become hungrier for more. 3 meals a day becomes 4, becomes 5. 2 GIANT meals, is no longer good enough. You want more. You’re hungry for more, and you want to DO more.

And now, all this talk about hunger has made me crave some ice cream. I might even read a book while eating!

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