Week 1 @ Praxik – Uncharted Waters

This summer, I’m working at an AR startup in Minneapolis called Praxik. The internship is focused around User Experience / User Interface work – the research process that works with the users to create an end-product that is tailored for their needs.

This first week, we were introduced to some readings which educated us on UX/UI and the application of AR to the workforce. Some of these readings were also tailored towards our client for the summer, the Museum of Science of Minnesota. Our project is to create an AR experience for their paleo exhibit.

Meeting with the team was also a great experience. I’m one of the students that isn’t attending the University of Minnesota, but we all have very diverse backgrounds that I think will make this a great group to collaborate with. We all have a desire to learn and explore this new field.

With the readings and some collaboration, our first goal was to work together to lead the meeting with the client (Museum Staff), ask the necessary questions to guide our project, and understand our objective / deliverable. The meeting went great, and for many of us it was our first experience at doing something like this – leading a client meeting. In school, most projects have parameters set by the teachers. In this scenario, we had a project where we got to define the scope – the museum was open to any suggestions at all. I think it was a really valuable experience, and after finishing the meeting, we had a better appreciation for how this kind of work is done.


Over the course of the next 10 weeks, we’ll brainstorm ideas for the project, collect some user research for our iterative design process, and come up with a demonstrable prototype for the museum. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we do!

Also, we have our own mini-blogs that we complete on the Praxik website. I definitely recommend checking it out, and reading my mini-blogs there! Here, the blogs will be more like journal entries, while the Praxik posts will be more about the educational experience I gained over the week. Enjoy!


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