Hey there, welcome to my website!

I started this blog for the purpose of putting myself out there, writing more, and basically keeping an account of my experiences, thoughts, and learnings. I didn’t want to keep a daily journal, so this seemed like the next best step!

I’ll talk about a variety of things here – running, photography, school, internships, or anything else that really comes across my mind. I really enjoy reading, so that will often be the forefront of my blogs – what did I learn from a certain book, etc. On these posts, feel free to recommend books! I enjoy fiction just as much as everyone else, but I am interested in reading more nonfiction and personal development style books.

I’m currently an aspiring photographer and a senior student-athlete, so that’s a little about me. You’ll notice that most of my blogs will be centered around these kinds of topics. This summer, 2018, I’m participating in a UX internship at an AR startup called Praxik! I’m also prepping for the GRE & my upcoming senior cross country season.

I’m looking forward to reading some comments and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.

– Shreyas Sriram